Born in Phulbari VDC of Nepal as the smallest offspring of my parents. According to my parents, I could not produce voice till the age of 4. After regular and various treatments carried out by my parents my disability in speaking was cut then. I had my school studies at my native village. Fortunately I had enough experiences that a member of village family has to have. With the course of time I moved to the capital for the higher studied.At the time of admission into the university, I worked in the stone mine for more than 3 months continuously in order to collect the fund for admission in University for my Bachelor Degree. At the end of this mine work, i collected optimum fund most difficultly and got chance to join the Engineering college for my Bachelors Degree in Engineering which was my dream to be from my childhood age. With the passage of time different Rotary clubs came into my life  thereby assisting me for tuition fees till the end of  my Graduate. Along with my studies, I am also involved in social and Development works.  I serve voluntarily in a youth Program of Rotary International.
I am youngest among my beautiful family of 7. I serve community and development projects voluntarily. Also i am the President of Rotaract Club of Phulbari(86486)-2012-13. My Hobby is traveling with friends, reading novels, using software and being updated with almost sorts of technologies. Contributing the life in constructive way so as for development of the nation. Professionally I am  Civil Engineer In a NGO.

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Contributing the needy individual and society falls under my responsibility.


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