Solar lightnings Installation: “The future of Child and the livelihood of farmers” of Phulbari

Rotaract Club Of Phulbari, RID 3292 Nepal-Bhutan, A young and ​outstanding club among the District​, RaC Phulbari​ is also a purely community based club. On the Rota Year 2011-12,in conjunction with Rotary club 0f Bhaktapur and Hog​ Heaven Foundation, Rotaract Club Of Phulbari ​d​istributed the​ ​S​olar lightenings.Number 65 system were distributed to the wards 4,5& 9 in the first phase and Number 42, 14-14 to each three wards 1,2 and 3, 107 in total in the second phase at Phulbari 4, Kavrepalanchok, bagmati Nepal.The household selection were done by a special commette formed by participatory approach in each wards in the direct observation and monitoring of RaC phulbari Representatives, Rtr Hari Chandra Satyal(Ruling secretary), Rtr Siri S​​a​tyal, and Rtr. Prakash Sapkota​ at that time​.

More than 90% of the total households were selected ​among ​which​ almost couldn’t afford for electricity system installation and its monthly charge.As well as those households in which the systems were installed are electricity less and of low economical status having schooling students.. The main objective of the project was to enhance the schooling students and night time working farmers, to use ever ending inexpensive solar energy, and to minimize problem due to the common load-shedding problem for the Phulbari VDC finally.

The project is long term type and will be continued till the vdc becomes fulfilled with solar lightening.The program was hosted in the ​co-ordination of RaC Phulbari, along with presence of several Rotarians, Rotaractotrs, and peoples from several social organization. Through the installation of a system, each household was made to engage into Shree Mathureshwor Agricultural Microfinance ltd. by default with 7 no of shares as bumper prize. Of the total cost of a system, each household were bound to pay 20% of the purchage charge and rest of the responsibility was beard by RaC Phulbari as subsidy.

​W​ith the Initiation of Solar Lightening distribution project, RC Phulbari ​founded a agricultural​ ​villagers ​common platform named “Shree Mathureshwor Agricultural Co-operative ltd. at which one account of each of the solar lightening installed households w​ere bound to be maintained by default with 7 nos of free shares.​T​he objective of ​foundation of the Co-operative was to bridge club’s community service​ ​ ​project into community in the upcoming days​.But objective of foundation more important to later one is to establish the system of mutual working and sharing of matters in the community regarding agriculture. Also the Club and Co-operative are coordinating in the phulbari village for the purpose of doing community service project and ​p​professional development project just for the sake of farmer’s uplift.

The co-operative has already been certified and has started to launch its function ​from 2011. Collecting monthly investments and distributing it as loan to needy villagers of co-operative in cheap interest rate is done by the cooperative.The co-operative provides loan to the group of farmers to help them in the agricultural business like goat taming. The project was done in the co-ordination of and Rtr. Hari Chandra Satyal Rtr. Prakash Sapkota.
Now the cooperative has more than 400 A/C holders.


*Yours In Rotary Family


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