Inspiring Life Story: ROTARACT In My Experience; HUMANITARIANS WORLD

Me Dressed in Bhaktapure Topi(Cap),

Rtr Hari Chandra Satyal, Past President/Founder V. president: Rotaract CLub Of Phulbari.


“The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men”

After 10 years of high school study in a remote village, I fell in love with Rotaract for my satisfaction beside my study. Only college day’s ten-to-five scene was becoming suffocating and I could feel myself growing increasingly unhappy.

I knew I had to do something about it, so I did. Me along with eighteen beautiful youngster of Phulbari, Kavrepalanchowk, stayed innocently under the flag of Rotaract in 2009 which was new generation program under the vision of Rotary International, later I knew J .  In early foundation days of Rotaract Club Of Phulbari, it was much very surprising, little bit terrifying and a somehow risky to get enrolled in as it was a new field in career.

Residing at Kathmandu for higher studies and attending Saturday’s meetings 45 km away to phulbari bimonthly was first additional big managerial and social task for me, though I used to make that happen. Everyone in the team of Rotaract was curious and speaks enough to change the imperfections and incompleteness of community in a blink of eye. Later but sooner we realised that our desire and preparedness had reached to the peak of Everest emotionally to become national hero or someone above that, which we all later realised as it was our day-dream without having minimum academic plus professional qualifications and optimum resource in hand 🙂 . With the passage of time, many of us became mature much sooner relatively and Club organized first historical landmark project “Trail Maintenance” in zero fund. This project is differently memorable to me especially in a sense that I was seriously injured in leg in addition to the voluntary service that every friends and community people made. Red and hot blood filled with feelings of patriotism which average youths use to have in their 20s, was more saturated at mine in mine 20s too. L. After that, coordinating for “District Level Quiz” successively was one more challenging job for me which I satisfactorily accomplished. The more job/responsibility I accomplished & am trusted for, the more my aim to come forward as leader get sharpened day after day.

Studying Engineering in University at Kathmandu, engaging in Rotaract meetings each Saturdays somewhere at Phulbari, Banepa and Kathmandu, functioning as Secretary and President, coordinating remarkable projects namely; “Green Eco-Phulbari Village Project”, “Cultural Program”, “Education For All Project”, “Safe Drinking Water For All Project” etc.,  facing and resolving  social conflicts related to these projects, made me socially, professionally and practically matured in material life to some more degree. My involvement beyond club level has been more inspiring to me as well. Like as in while getting involved into various national-international programs, I entertained fellowship, I learned various cross cultural practices; I have tens of hundred kind hearted Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and other senior junior friends whom I always inspire as my family member. The big achievement of my life is getting involved into Rotary family which helped me to achieve my academic degree, through which I unleashed my potential and energy for the sake of community development, which enhanced my understanding of humanism and social  professionalism. I may cannot pay back the debt of full-free hospitality and care service given to me, by Rotaract friends of Dharan at Dharan when I was seriously injured in head and when I was staying alone over there.  My soul always salutes them, my words and payback service in any mean to them will always be insufficient. Similar efforts by Rotary-Rotaract members   around the world are highly appreciable, which we have been doing from centuries.

I used to manage my time and money in the past to be involved in Rotaract movement even though I used to be penny less at that time. For me now, every Saturday is a Rotaract-Rotary Day, every time I think is above myself. I used to work with friends in hunger, till late nights, being moneyless most often, among the social conflicts, overcoming the few extent of barrier from family. All these have meant for a lot of precious achievement and ever forgettable memories to me.  I have learned significantly important meaning and value of individual’s life via Rotary family which I could never have learned if there was no existence of Rotaract-Rotary in my path.

The shining & peaceful flag of Rotaract-Rotary will keep flittering for life-time from the level of Mt Everest there by liberating message of humanity  around the world. Thank you my family, Thank you so much my parents.


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