Seven of us compose a family. My Dad, Mum, 2 Sisters, 2 brothers and me compose such a beautiful family, and most probably the happiest family of the world. In the beautiful family of 7,  I am always overwhelmed by the love of all members of mine.My father is a farmer and carpenter as well who administer the total managerial part of my family.Mother a housewife who always cooks sweet food items along with enough care to rest of the family members.

Both of my parents are the source of Inspiration to me who taught me the beautiful way to understand and spendlife in a meaningful way practically and theoretically.My two elder brothers

viz: Kedar Satyal, Dr. Ram Chandra Satyal

and two sisters

viz: Bhagawati satyal/Adhikari and  Shreyata Adhikari

are wonderful and caring enough.We have a happy family in a hut by a country side. 🙂


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