Welcome and Cultural Program- The 2nd Phase

Rotaract Club-Of Phulbari, organized cultural pragram along with welcoming of guest from HOG Heaven Foundation, The visit of Foundation was decorated with this event consisting of several cultural performances and programs. Panche Baaja, Baalan Bhazan, cultural dances, several enjoyment including Newari dances, Lakhe daance performance , Haku pataachhe and different costumes exhibition were the fundamental part of the event. We Rotaract Club Of Phulbari, RI District 3292 Nepal – Bhutan, in order to conserve and save our local cultures and costumes, are organizing the cultural program each year in the month of September. Thank you all participants for your warm love and affection towards our cultures and our organization. Rabindra Puri From Rotary Bhaktapur chaired the program as special guest and Joanna from Hog Heaven Houndation chaired as chief guest.

Next year we will be coming with many more features. Thank you all, kind sweet and dedicated friends of Rotaract Club oF Phulbari, for the co-operation among us to furnish the event successfully. The day we spent the way we should rock more. Thank you all community people, Sanjaya, Gokul and friends who directly or indirectly helped us to execute our event in a marvelous way.



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